Taking a break...

It's been years since I've had time to regularly update my pages.

As PHP and other tools have marched on, it's time to refactor and come back in a different form. In that time, some new areas of interast have come up as well. Parenting. Autism. School admin shenanigans. New self-awareness, as I have become aware of my own Autism.

I can't promise when it will happen, but it didn't make sense to be paying A LOT extra to keep the old basically static site up because it required a very old PHP version to run. Perhaps having it fully down will give me inspiration to get something back up in it's place.

Until that time comes, you know where to find me!

Contact Info

Email: bill.taroli@billsden.org

Mastodon: https://federate.social/@btaroli

Nope, I ditched all the mainstream sites. Too much data gathering and noise.


Basic Top-Level Static Pages

After getting some feedback on things that folks clearly still are accessing, I've setup several static pages to reproduce what was there.

Update - August 12 2023

It seems we still have some SLK fans out there! I was asked about the loss of various links to old SLK documentation for the R171. It's still there, but I didn't realize some had links to the pages and not the PDFs themselves. So I have translated a few key pages in the navigation to static form so that folks can still find and link to them that way.

I am still here, and do respond if you contact me! ;) And FWIW, I do still have my SLK! He just peeked over 170500 miles, after 18 years of age. We're both still kicking!

Update - July 27 2023

I've received a few inquiries about some documentation I had posted for Mercedes SLK R171. I have restored the file path that serves those, so that links posted to existing sites will continue to work. Eventually, these will again be browsable. But for now at least existing direct links should work. Please advise if there are any you come across that don't, and which URL you attempted to access. Thanks!